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Clouds are beautiful until comes the rain!

11.20.12 | Juan Miguel Taboada Godoy | Permalink | 5 Comments

During the last weeks I’ve got several interesting news about Cloud computing. Most of them show that many users are not ready yet to put their personal documents online. Are you?

What is a Cloud?

Cloud Computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet).

Let’s see some statistics:

Here are some statistics (source) showing worries about the usage of applications in the “Cloud”. This statistics show that the adoption of the Cloud by companies is still far. The most common reasons are security, privacy, storage and law. The result shows that 66% of the companies reported that this kind of worries have delayed or stopped them from deploying projects in the Cloud.


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New Year’s Eve in Málaga

10.24.12 | Juan Miguel Taboada Godoy | Permalink | 7 Comments

If you are Málaga (or if you plan to come here) we have great news for you. Both our offices spent some time to prepare for you a catalog of new year’s eve parties. Our lists consist of clubs, retaurants and hotels, and are beeing constantly updated.

For Málaga Nochevieja:

For Málaga New Year’s Ever:

We hope you enjoy it!

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The day I met Erlang

07.15.11 | Juan Miguel Taboada Godoy | Permalink | 8 Comments

It happened some time (years) while I was thinking about the problem of the nowadays programming languajes. I mean, I was making questions to my self like:

- Is there some program that is able to write an if? (”if” is a very simple construction inside a programming language)

- Or maybe a program that is able to decide that it needs a loop somewhere when you ask about something that is looping?

- Is there some programming language that is able to write itself? We human are not able yet (for those with quick thoughts, cloning is copying, but a simple “write your name…hello <name>” program maybe there are some)


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        09.06.08 | Juan Miguel Taboada Godoy | Permalink | 8 Comments

        Likindoy logo

        Also we keep working in Likindoy, right now the project moved quite forward and started working on new targets:

        • All the projects has been re-shaped to become more easy to expand and contribute.
        • We included a new set of commands and support for users and profiles per user to make all configuration more scalable.
        • All the project moved to Bazaar Version Control System.
        • The library MODBUS_TCP was upgraded for a newer version 600 times faster.
        • Also we published the results of the non-finished project Likindoy-RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) over Advantech ADAM 5510.


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        Centrologic Design

        08.05.08 | Karol Fabjańczuk | Permalink | 3 Comments

        We are currently working on separate Centrologic website dedicated to our design services. The main idea behind this project is to show that we can adjust to client’s needs - on every subpage colors will match shown project. Here’s the first screenshot:

        Centrologic design small


        Site is already working: Centrologic Design

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        Gabinet ortodontyczny “Ortos”

        06.27.08 | Karol Fabjańczuk | Permalink | 7 Comments

        Another day, another layout


        And here’s the link: Gabinet ortodontyczny “Ortos” Szczecin - Pokaż swój zdrowy uśmiech

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        Federación Internacional de Pádel website

        06.18.08 | Karol Fabjańczuk | Permalink | 11 Comments

        Another day, another design:

        Padel FIP


        Share your Ubuntu story

        04.25.08 | Michał Bielecki | Permalink | 5 Comments

        We have just launched a new non-commercial website. It is all about Ubuntu, and your ubuntu story. We welcome any suggestions.


        New toy - Maxtor Shared Storage II

        02.24.08 | Michał Bielecki | Permalink | 4 Comments

        We’ve recently got a nice new piece of hardware - Maxtor Shared Storage II (MSS II). Maxtor Shared Storage IIThe device is sweet by itself:

        • - 500gb of space
        • - 1gb ethernet interface (making it faster than USB2.0)
        • - 2 USB ports for attaching printers, and more usb hard drives

        Device is accessible through SMB protocol (Windows/Linux/MacOSX compatible), and has quite neat http configuration interface.

        All of above makes the device worth buying, but is not the reason for this article. (more…)

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        ICT Pomorze Zachodnie website

        02.20.08 | Karol Fabjańczuk | Permalink | 6 Comments

        We are currently working on the new ICT Pomorze Zachodnie website design. Here’s the first layout.

        ICT Pomorze Zachodnie small

        ICT – West Pomerania is a group of 100 IT active and innovative companies looking for partners to develop new business ideas.

        It’s goal is to develop and promote ICT West Pomerania enterprises.

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