New toy – Maxtor Shared Storage II

02.24.08 | 2 Comments

We’ve recently got a nice new piece of hardware – Maxtor Shared Storage II (MSS II). Maxtor Shared Storage IIThe device is sweet by itself:

  • – 500gb of space
  • – 1gb ethernet interface (making it faster than USB2.0)
  • – 2 USB ports for attaching printers, and more usb hard drives

Device is accessible through SMB protocol (Windows/Linux/MacOSX compatible), and has quite neat http configuration interface.

All of above makes the device worth buying, but is not the reason for this article. As we came to realize, firmware of this hardware is acctually Linux. Yay! You cannot do much with the basic version of firmware, as you have no way of accessing shell. But according to the GNU License Maxtor is obliged to publish device’s source code, and guess what – they do. It is available for download from their website.

Furthermore there is a very helpfull website for people hacking the MSS II. Lots of HOWTOs and ready to upload firmware images with telnet and ssh services. With optware you can bascically install any Linux software in a matter of minutes.

Maxtor Linux shell

Since now on, you can basically do anything with your MSS II box, we already added openvpn and ftp server. If you have an USB sound card, you can even turn your box into internet radio (HOWTO available at www.openmss.org). The possibilities are endless…